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01 May 2019 - Cédric Bouysset

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Welcome ! This is my first post so let me present myself briefly…

Who am I ?

I am Cédric Bouysset, a PhD student at the Institute of Chemistry of Nice, in the south of France.
My research projects tackle taste perception (and sometimes olfaction) using computational approaches.
My day-to-day work includes homology modeling of bitter taste receptors, building machine-learning models to predict gustative properties from chemical structures, writing Python or Bash scripts, and a bit of teaching for bachelor students.

What is this blog for ?

I will probably post news/articles that I find interesting, code snippets and short tutorials here.

What activities do I enjoy ?

I like programing, playing video-games and badminton with friends, and snowboarding.
Oh and beer… I really like beer :beer:

I hope you find this blog useful !